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Post  sugarbuzz82 on Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:56 am

As you will see, there will be some changes coming over the next few weeks as we work out some new things, kinks and what nots, to benefit this new community. Please bare with us.

Important to note:

* Tell your friends, the idea behind this site, is a mature community for all gamers alike. Hell might even open it up to non gaming, but ppl who want to connect with other aussies. For now gaming.

* Post who you are, dont be shy.

* If you have a question, ask.

* If you want to share something, anything, do it.

* If you need help, again, ask.

We do not bite (I promise the rumours are not true)

* If you want to set up a gaming session, or party play - do it. How else will you get to know the rest of us.

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