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Post  sugarbuzz82 on Sun Jul 22, 2012 10:17 am

* Must be of NZ or AUS location to join to game. Lag shits everyone. However, if you want to jump in on the forum and chat with us, why the hell not.... im sure we can come up with some cross country games.

* Mature gamers ONLY, young ppl will be tolerated, provided they act decently.

* Do not start forum wars.

* Do not be racist/derogatory in ANY WAY.

* MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO BAN ANY MEMBERS AS THEY SEE FIT Due to breach of the rules, harassment of other users.

Basically this is a gaming forum, i will allow any age, just dont be a twat, and dont go at your fellow gamer friends. The whole idea is to make mates so we can game on. If you have a problem with someone you come to me.

It is a gaming forum, however it is still a lets communicate with others forum, eg just wanna play our forum games, and dont actually game, feel free to join.

We reserve the right to change rules as we see fit, to best accommodate our members

Game on with Bacon!

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