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Post  Pov on Tue Sep 11, 2012 4:45 am

This may have been around for awhile now.... But it is still awesome !
I tried this on 1 of my spare PC's, the site is safe (was a bit cautious)

1 - Dress sophisticated (suit & tie, heavy tinted shades)
2 - Enter into a public setting with a laptop (class, cafe, library etc.)
3 - Position yourself so everyone can see your screen
4 - Open up many tabs about random things (politics, Japanese culture, stock marker, historical docs.)
5 - THEN, open this site -- hackertyper.com
6 - Press F11 for fullscreen
7 - Being typing FURIOUSLY
8 - Press *Alt* 3 times for *Access Granted*
Press *Caps Lock* 3 times for *Access Denied*
9 - After about 15minutes
Slam the laptop shut, look around suspiciously & RUN FOR IT !

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